New PCs Optimize Price & Performance

The Z-Station VP series of desktop computers are configured for optimum low-price/high-performance value and future software and hardware compatibility, according to Zenith Data Systems. The systems are certified to run Windows 95 and have full "plug and play" capabilities, making future upgrades and installations simple. All come with PCI local bus, 64-bit video graphics accelerator support, and enhanced IDE drives and controllers; DOS, Windows for Workgroups, PC Tools and an Internet browser are included. Options include memory and CPU upgrades, 1MB video DRAM expandable to 2MB, and a choice of three cabinet styles: standard desktop, spacesaver desktop and mini-tower. Numerous slots and bays are included. Educator prices range from $1,087 for a 486 DX2/66-based system to $1,739 for a 100 MHz Pentium-based system with 256K cache, 8MB RAM, 1MB Video RAM and an 850MB hard disk. Zenith Data Systems, Buffalo Grove, IL, (800) 533-0311,

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.

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