SW Tutorials Feature Unique Split Screen

Helping students, faculty and staff acquire basic PC skills are a series of CITs (Computerized Interactive Tutorials) from Norbry Publishing. Unlike other tutorials, these actually have the real application being taught running within them in a split-screen, rather than using simulations.

One title, DOS/Windows and Microcomputer Concepts, covers everything from turning on a PC to the basics of using the Internet. Microsoft Office Plus, another title, has four CITs for MS Office (Windows 3.1 version), plus the DOS/Windows CIT and one on Windows Basics. It is $64.95.

Teaching and Learning on the Internet is another CIT, as is Hardware & Software - Beyond Basics. These two, and the DOS/Windows CIT are all priced at $34.95. MS Office '97 and Basic Accounting are CITs in the works.

All CITs feature self-tests and regular exercises to keep students on track and reinforce skills. Staff or students can also take the CITs home to learn and practice.

Discounts are offered to institutions purchasing six or more units; demo packages are available where CIT is being considered for adoption. Norbry Publishing Ltd., Ontario, Canada, (800) 667-2791, www.norbry.com/norbry.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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