Take a Long Look at Our Nuclear Age

  • The Atomic Files, from L3 Interactive, presents the history of the Nuclear Age in an impartial manner, allowing students to formulate their own opinions about this controversial era.

    Navigate through the title by selecting icon panels on the award-winning 3D Learning Cube interface. Nearly 40 minutes of informative, high-quality, full-motion video combine with haunting, original musical compositions for a rich experience.

    The title covers a wide range of topics about the Nuclear Age, from the science and history leading up to the development of the bomb to modern controversies over nuclear energy and more.

    Nine sections on the CD present particular content areas in three separate chapters. The entire atomic era is chronicled -- from the early (up to 1945) and middle years (Cold War period of 1945-1963) to the modern era (1963- present).

    Also included are original interviews with the man who invented the hydrogen bomb, Edward Teller, and Hiroshima survivor, Kaz Suyeishi, as well as classic newsreel footage never before collected on a single, comprehensive platform.

    The Atomic Files integrates a Web directory feature that provides users with a separate folder of related Internet links. L3 Interactive, Santa Monica, (800) 644-CUBE, www.learningcube.com. W

  • This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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