Engineering College Uses VisLab for 3D Visualization

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has selected Engineering Animationís VisLab software package for use in the College of Engineeringís Computer-Aided Engineering Center and Model Advanced Facility (MAF).

VisLab will enable students and faculty to rapidly create animations that transform complex, technical information into accurate concepts for class projects, design reviews, product presentations and research. The software integrates CAD, kinematics and analysis data within a single visual environment.

"We began searching for a 3D visualization package with the capabilities we demand that also ran well on a Hewlett Packard platform," said Todd Tannenbaum, director of the MAF. "There are a number of things we like about VisLab. It is easy to use, with good online documentation and tutorials."

Besides VisLab, the college purchased a site license for VisModel, a tool for editing and creating 3D polygonal models. Engineering Animation, Inc., Ames, IA, (515) 296-9908,

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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