Firm's Tech Lets Schools Access Cheaper

Vicom Technology has come up with an interesting product for schools that use dial-up accounts and modems with Macintosh computers for Internet access. Their SurfDoubler lets two people, using two separate computers, surf the Web at the same time.

SurfDoubler is installed on a Macintosh with a modem, then using a simple LocalTalk connection or Ethernet cabling, another computer (running MacOS or Windows 3.x or 95) uses the same Internet connection as the Macintosh simultaneously.

Both computers can use any standard Internet application including browsers, e-mail, FTP and more. While not the optimal solution to giving all of a school's students Internet access, it can function as a stop-gap measure for schools waiting for a full LAN or WAN. Then, when full network functionality is achieved, check out Vicom's Internet Gateway, which gives all network users Internet access through one Internet account. Vicom Technology, Mountain View, CA, (800) 818-4266,

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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