Educom Medal Awards Go to Six Educators

Educom recognized six educators for their efforts to improve teaching and learning through the effective application of information and communication technologies. Winners were selected by professional disciplinary societies based on criteria outlined by Educom.

The team of Jon Barwise of Indiana University and John Etchemendy of Stanford University was selected by the American Philosophical Association for developing three computer programs for teaching formal logic. Michelle Lamberson of the University of British Columbia was named by the Geological Society of America for posting pedagogical resources on the Internet for undergraduate scientists.

Dawn Tilbury of the University of Michigan and William Messner of Carnegie Mellon University were selected by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for creating Web-based aids for teaching automatic controls. Finally, Jerry Goldman of Northwestern University was chosen by the American Political Science Association for his many clever uses of technology.

The educators received their awards at a special ceremony at the EDUCOM '97 conference in Minneapolis, Minn. "The work of these six individuals provides meaningful evidence that innovative uses of information technologies, combined with the willingness by institutions to support those activities, will be a key component of higher education's success in the coming decades," commented Educom President Robert C. Heterick, Jr. Educom, Washington, DC, (202) 872-4200,

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This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.

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