Internet Portal Helps Users Avoid 'E-Pollution' on the Web

To give people the chance to surf the Internet free of 'e-pollution' such as pornography, hate speech and violent material, eMountain Communications introduces the ClearViewNet Internet portal. It provides one-stop Internet resources, such as e-mail, Web search and a Netscape-based browser, all continuously filtered to avoid unsavory material. Subscribers receive unlimited Web access and all other ClearViewNet resources. is designed to block potentially offensive Web content by applying screens in more than 20 categories of content including violence, bomb-making and terrorism, hate, pornography, gambling, homework cheating and sexually-oriented material. While traditional filtering software packages prevent access to forbidden sites, they do not block the site description from being included in search retrieval. With ClearViewSearch, site descriptions of an objectionable nature are blocked from ever entering the channel.

A site demo is available at As part of the subscription package, users receive a membership registration packet and a CD-ROM to install the customized ClearViewNet browser, e-mail setup and Internet registration. More than 400 local access numbers are currently in place for convenient dial-up access. eMountain Communications, Elgin, IL, (800) 250-5757,


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.

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