Jul 07 - 11

Las Vegas

Venetian/Palazzo Resort

This year's conference, with the theme "Best Practices, Leadership, & Common Core for Today's Educators," will tackle a wide rage of issues related to differentiated instruction, from how teachers can find time to personalize learning to how to apply grading in differentiated classrooms.

Some of the topics to be covered (provided by the conference's organizer, Staff Development for Educators) include:

  • Teaching with Poverty in Mind
  • 10 Simple Ways to Differentiate
  • Differentiating by Readiness: A Tiered Approach
  • Grading in a Differentiated, Common Core World
  • Teach Like a Pirate: Dynamic Ways to Increase Student Engagement
  • Connecting the Common Core to At-Risk & Struggling Students
  • Results-Oriented Differentiation for Your Whole-Group Instruction
  • How the Conscientious Teacher Finds Time to Differentiate
  • Asking--& Getting Your Students to Ask—Questions
  • Differentiating Your Centers Using the CCSS as Your Road Map

Registration Opens: 02/25/2014

White Papers:

  • Creative Thinking: Why Multi-mode Devices are Finding a Place in K-12 Classrooms PDF screen shot

    Keeping up with classroom device needs in K-12 is not just a technology decision. Students want consumer functionality. Teachers expect trouble-free integration of devices with minimal need for tech support, and IT hopes for affordable machines that are durable and manageable. A new type of device has come to the forefront that meets these requirements in a rugged and education-friendly form: the multi-mode computer. Read more...