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  • 21st Century Learning

    4 Ways Digital Tech Has Changed K-12 Learning classroom technology

    Digital technology has taken the world by storm — particularly in the past decade. It makes sense that this trend would have an impact on K-12 learning because there is nothing in modern American society that digital technology has not touched. While the names of the mobile applications and computer programs may change, there are some foundational ways that technology has already changed the face of education forever. Here are four examples. Read Full Article

  • Being Mobile Blog

    A Hot New, Free Resource From the Feds: A Guide for Educational Software Developers

    The U.S. Department of Educational Technology has just published an excellent resource for educational software developers. In our review of the guide, we point out that it makes the case that the Rubicon has finally been crossed: Technology is making (and will continue to make) a profound impact on K-12 education. Read Full Article

  • IT

    Procurement Power procurement of education technology

    When the FBI hauled away files related to Los Angeles Unified's massive purchase of iPads and curriculum, it highlighted potential failures in the procurement practices districts have abided by for decades. Are there any lessons there for the rest of us? Read Full Article