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  • Being Mobile | Blog

    In K-12, iPads Are a Detour

    While sales to the general public of 10 inch-screened tablets (e.g., iPads) are dropping quickly, K-12 schools will continue to buy them. The challenge, then, is how to use these devices to support inquiry – 24/7, all-the-time, everywhere learning? Read Full Article

  • Research | News

    AIR Research: Deeper Learning Approach Shows Positive Student Gains

    The idea that students need to develop a deeper understanding of content and the ability to apply what they learn in one area to another area are major premises of new learning standards, such as the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. A new study now shows that schools promoting the practices of what's called "deeper learning" are getting better results from their students. Read Full Article

  • Blended Learning | Feature

    Locust Grove Middle School Blends with Lab Rotation Model

    Locust Grove Middle School in Henry County, GA implemented a lab rotation model of blended learning for half of its school population last year with impressive results, and this year the entire school has made the switch. Read Full Article