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  • One-Size-Fits-All Financial Aid Form Has To Go

    Concerned that a bill from two United States senators proposing the use of as few as two questions to determine financial eligibility for college will gain traction, a national organization of financial aid professionals has presented an alternative for simplifying the process of applying for financial aid.

  • National Student Financial Aid Profile Finds Dramatic Increase in Need

    As Congress debates reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, a national organization of financial aid professionals has issued its latest "National Student Aid Profile" to help policymakers understand what they're making decisions about.

  • Survey: Professors and Employers Find High School Grads Unready for College or Work

    A new study found that in two-year colleges, only 4 percent of instructors found students "most generally able to do what is expected." The number was slightly higher in four-year schools: 12 percent. The rest reported that students had arrived to higher ed with at least some gaps in preparation.