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  • Kansas Gives All Residents Free Access to Britannica E-Books

    The State Library of Kansas is adding 500 plus e-books in many of the core subjects like language arts and science for K-5 students, which will be available to residents across the state.

  • Survey: Parents Would Prefer Ban on Data Tracking in Free School Email Services

    Compared to parents in Malaysia, Poland and Italy, American parents look like babes in the woods when it comes to awareness of in-school data mining of their children's information, including online behavior and email habits. Whereas 75 percent of Malaysians, 71 percent of Poles and 70 percent of Italians are aware of the practice, only 51 percent of parents in the United States know about it. But once they do know about it, more than nine out of 10 are "concerned or very concerned about the practice" and more than four out of five say they are likely to take action against the practice, according to a new report from SafeGov.org.

  • Report: 40 percent of Wristworn Devices Will Be Smartwatches by 2016

    Forty percent of all devices worn on the wrist will be smartwatches by 2016, according to a new report from market research firm Gartner. That prediction follows a swell in the smartwatches available to consumers as the number of companies offering the devices has increased from just two a year ago to seven with a device either currently on the market or about to ship.

  • Lake County School District Saves $1 Million, Adds a Week of Instruction Time by Adjusting Bells

    Lake County enlisted the help of Amplify School by Design (SxD), a software and consulting service designed to increase school efficiency and quality, which determined that the district could add instructional time by shifting the first and last bells of the day.

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