Virco's Mojave Technology Solutions Workstation System

Virco's Mojave Technology Solutions workstation systems come in more than 50 work surface shapes and sizes, bringing a great degree of flexibility to computer labs, media centers, tech labs and other learning environments. The Mojave system was designed with easy assembly in mind, allowing educators to configure individual classrooms according to the specific subject requirements of a given course. Work surfaces are adjustable from 25" to 31" in height, and can be partitioned by using easily installed vertical screens to create focused workstations. Screen configurations promote the appropriate degree of interaction among students, while maintaining line-of-sight supervision for instructors.

Wire management is also easy, with desks featuring a power/ communication infrastructure that lets educators independently organize power and data lines, while providing ample space to place surge protectors. An optional four-circuit power harness delivers an enhanced performance with two circuits that have isolated grounds for sensitive applications. In addition, Mojave is designed to facilitate the networking of cables between workstations. Virco Inc., Torrance, CA, (800) 448-4726,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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