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  • How Virtualization Makes BYOD a Viable Alternative to 1-to-1

    Educational IT leaders should not be “trying to do the same thing you’ve always done for less money,” but instead “doing something you can’t do any other way,” according to Doug Meade, the director of information technology at York County School Division (VA).

  • Tech Leaders From Three Universities Share Their Experiences With Virtual Application Management

    In a session at the Citrix Synergy conference in Orlando, FL, tech leaders from the universities of Central Florida, South Florida and Florida shared the stage to present the lessons they have learned while rolling out and maintaining virtual application management.

  • 5 Strategies to Create a 'Post-PC Environment'

    According to Duane Schau, director of client services at Indiana University, educational technology is moving toward a world where software will be online, students will access everything they need from one cheap device and BYOD will stand for “bring your own data.”