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  • States Need To Rejigger Policies for Competency Ed To Flourish

    If states are serious about implementing competency-based education in the hope that it will prepare students for college and career, policy makers had better be ready to update their rules and regulations, according to a new report by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning.

  • White House, NGOs Pony Up $1.1 Billion on Early Childhood Education Push

    Just days after turning its attention to keeping students in college, the White House today announced actions to help the youngest citizens with their education opportunities. As with its other education initiatives, this one calls for federal action along with support from corporations and foundations.

  • Want Competency Ed? Change Teacher Policies First

    Districts and schools that want to implement a competency-based learning environment would do well first to focus on educators' skills as well as the policies that could hold them back from success. So asserts a new paper from school improvement nonprofit KnowledgeWorks and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning.