Building a Classroom for the Future: The Power of Integration and Collaboration

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Technology is playing a significant role in the changing landscape of education and the classroom environment. Distance learning, collaboration, mobility, digitized curriculums and other trends are being driven by a marriage of new and existing technologies. This webinar will report on the major technology trends in K-12 education, and how savvy educators and IT professionals can harness emerging technology and its capabilities to build better classrooms – to include interactive displays, projectors, tablets, cameras and other video elements.

Join Florida State University Schools along with Panasonic to learn how they have leveraged the these technologies in their classrooms to enable teachers to:

  • Capture lessons in their classrooms and also use them later for student study guides
  • Track student performance and retention of particular subjects to focus on those who may need extra attention
  • Improve collaboration and the overall visual aspect of learning in the classroom

Presented by:

  • Robert Prater, IT Director, Florida State University Schools
  • Michael Wilson, K12 Education Solution Specialist, Panasonic

Duration: 1 HR

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