• EdTech Top 40: A Look at K-12 EdTech Engagement During the 2022-23 School Year

    It’s no secret that educational technology has become integral to teaching and learning—both in and out of the K-12 classroom—and administrators, educators, and students alike continue to access and rely on a wide range of edtech tools that enhance the learning process. Download Now

  • Funding Sources for Ensuring a Safe, Equitable and Cost-effective EdTech Environment

    In modern hybrid learning environments, an edtech effectiveness solution is critical infrastructure for every school district–it’s just as necessary as learning management systems, student information systems, or back-office finance systems. Read Now

  • Effective EdTech Management with the Free Inventory Dashboard

    Technology has transformed the education landscape, reshaping how students and teachers experience learning. But with so many tech tools out there, district leaders need a way to understand what’s actually going on in their organizations. That's where the Inventory Dashboard from LearnPlatform by Instructure comes in. Read Now

  • Your District’s Guide to Building an Effective EdTech Ecosystem

    Building an equitable, efficient and effective technology ecosystem requires intention and precision. Download this guide to learn there is no one way to do this work, as a combination of concepts, models and resources can be implemented to craft a solution that fits your district’s needs. Download Now

  • Rapid-cycle Evaluation: An Efficient, Cost-effective Path to Understanding EdTech Value

    Each year, U.S. schools and districts spend billions on edtech product licenses, but they lack the resources to enable educators to conduct practical evaluations of edtech effectiveness in a timely manner. This white paper offers a guide to rapid-cycle evaluation and how it can be used by districts to get more from their edtech use. Download Now

  • Incorporating Evidence Into Your EdTech Decisions

    Rapid-cycle evaluation is an ESSA-aligned approach education organizations use to generate practical, relevant evidence and make data-informed decisions about edtech tools. Download this infographic for a map to running successful RCEs throughout the school year. Download Now

  • Gain Visibility to your EdTech EcoSystem with the Free Inventory Dashboard

    Building an effective edtech ecosystem starts with understanding what’s being used. The Inventory Dashboard from LearnPlatform by Instructure enables local education agencies to discover the holistic scope of tools their students and teachers access. Download Now

  • EdTech Evaluation in Practice: More Evidence, Better Decisions, Improved Student Outcomes

    Edtech solutions can have significant impact on student outcomes–but understanding whether the tools your district is investing in are producing academic returns can be a challenge. How can district leaders get answers to tough questions about where edtech budget dollars are going and which tools are truly moving the needle for students? Watch Now

  • Addressing EdTech Challenges with Evidence: Your Districts Playbook

    Building an effective edtech ecosystem is a mix of evidence and efficiency, offering K-12 district leaders what they need to solve critical challenges. Download this flexible playbook to learn tips, concepts and best practices to build and maintain that evidence in a sustainable way. Download Now

  • 10 Questions Rapid-cycle Evaluation Can Answer to Evaluate EdTech Effectiveness

    K-12 districts access an average of 1,400+ unique edtech tools every month, but how many of those programs are truly making a positive impact on learning? Here are 10 key questions that education agencies can answer through RCEs run with the LearnPlatform team. Read Now

  • EdTech Evidence: 2023 Mid-Year Report

    This report looks at the evidence available for the 100 learner-focused and educator-focused K-12 solutions accessed by the most students and educators during the first half of the 2022-23 school year. Download Now