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The Changing Landscape of IT Delivery and Consumption in Education

The cloud is altering the IT infrastructure in education, changing the way schools deliver and consume IT services. At the center of this new infrastructure is the network. No longer just “plumbing” in the infrastructure, the network is now a strategic asset. As more and more IT functions, including software and platform, are offered as a cloud service, the network infrastructure that securely and reliably enables the consumption of these services becomes increasingly important.

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Meeting the Challenges of K-12 Education Through Technology

Check out this robust resource center sponsored by Cisco for valuable assets relating to common core, collaboration and networking.....

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Tech-powered Learning

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Technology is driving new opportunities in learning and instruction. Students are using mobile devices and new software tools to connect the classroom to the real world. Learn more about the hardware and software solutions you can use to transform learning on your campus.

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Common Core Testingxirrus

Does your wireless pass the test?

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Enhance productivity in the classroom and across campusDell: the power to do more

The new era of interactive, innovative blended- learning begins with Dell laptops, tablets and desktop PCs.Take learning across the classroom to around the campus and save on the latest innovative technology for education from Dell. Learn More

How to Achieve a Safe and Secure Learning Environment in K-12

Dell-SonicWALL LogoInformation technology is revolutionizing the K-12 classroom experience for students, teachers and administrators alike. Students are adopting new technologies for learning, communication and play at an unprecedented rate. Educators and administrators are bringing these tools to the classroom to enrich the learning experience and improve teachers' ability to inspire the next generation. For our part, Dell SonicWALL is committed to delivering solutions that will enable K-12 organizations to realize the promise of new technologies in a safe and secure environment. Learn More

The Cisco Unified Workspace Mobile, Highly Secure, and Experience-Based

CiscoWith Cisco Unified Workspaces, teachers and students experience the flexibility of using any device to securely access any information, any application, and any expertise—from anywhere—for efficient, productive teaching and learning. Learn More

Planning the Inevitable: IT Management of Anytime-Anywhere Learning

Learning and instruction are changing in education. A growing number of schools and districts are moving toward a more personalized, student-centric approach, designed to meet individual learning needs. As schools and districts move forward in adopting a dynamic teaching methodology governed by rapidly changing technologies, what procedures and policies should they adopt to make a smooth transition?Verizon Logo As cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile devices begin to transform the teaching, learning and sharing of educational content, what can administrators and academics do to meet future demands while fulfilling their current obligations? T.H.E. Journal spoke with three industry thought leaders to get insight on how to build an IT infrastructure that supports the ever-changing landscape of 21st century learning.eless connectivity. Many already depend on it for class work. When we grow wireless user density in classrooms, teachers can engage connected students in new ways and enhance learning. Learn More

iPads, Tablets and Wi-Fi Enabled Devices in the Classroom — Is Your Network Ready to Support Them?

Mobility is the new norm. Primary and secondary students are growing up around wir Xirrus logoeless connectivity. Many already depend on it for class work. When we grow wireless user density in classrooms, teachers can engage connected students in new ways and enhance learning. Learn More

Learning Cafe: Learn From Anywhere, Work from Anywhere

NetApp, Citrix and Cisco cordially invite you to be a part of the discussions as today's technologies give birth to a powerfully flexible, anytime, anywhere environment that allows students and faculty toCiscoCitrixNetApps Logo advance their educational experiences to the next level. Imagine a simpler, faster, more secure way to access and share information. One that enables virtual access, leverages the latest in mobile devices, adapts to changes as fast as necessary, transforms traditional desktop computing and easily scales to handle growth. Learn More

Education-Optimized Wi-Fi for Mobile Devices and Laptops with Integrated Classroom ControlAerohive Logo

Aerohive's distributed, scalable Wi-Fi architecture is optimized for schools using mobile devices and laptops. It allows simple centralized management and delivers unique classroom monitoring capabilities for much-needed classroom control. Learn More

Supporting Safe and Effective Digital Learning

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What Are They Thinking: Leadership Insights on Issues in Educational Technology

The proliferation of mobile devices and the push toward collaborative learning in today's K-12 schools has presented new security challenges for district IT departments. How do schools and districts ensure the security of their infrastructure while fulfilling the needs of new learning initiatives? THE Journal spoke with two schools and security vendor Sonic Wall to get their insight. Learn More



Discover the value of virtualization and see how VMware's virtual infrastructure solutions can transform your IT infrastructure,improving efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. Learn More

Enterprise Solutions in EducationGovConnection Logo

Teachers are embracing technology in the classroom to explore lessons on a whole new level. Interactive learning requires devices — and hardware and software that are easy to use, easy to support and will provide all of the necessary performance and security. Learn more about the latest Enterprise solutions that can transform your network, as well as the quality of learning in your school! Learn More

Discover the advantages of teaching in 3DTexas Instruments DLP logo

Learn how 3D can improve engagement, understanding and achievement.Discover how 3D technology works and how teachers are making it work in the classroom. Read case studies and listen to testimonals. Learn More

CDWG LogoRethinking the Data Center: Plan, Rebuild, and Settle In

Centralizing technology and virtualization provide opportunities to redesign and secure your data center while saving money and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Learn More

Key Educational Technology Issues: Security

Learn about a new holistic look at Security: Plan, Implement, Check, Adjust . Learn More

Using E-Books in School: Negotiate, Train, Pilot, Expand

To help move teachers into 21st century practices (and cope with shrinking budgets), smart districts are working with textbook publishers and e-reader vendors to exploit the promises of digital books. Learn More

Two Approaches to 1-to-1

There is no rulebook for implementing 1-to-1 programs. As the story of these two schools demonstrates, figuring out the right approach means more than just figuring out what device to use. A major part of the effort involves understanding the purpose for the program and the capacity for change within your school and then working diligently to bring teachers on board. With the right mix, the results can be remarkable. Learn More