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  • Reinventing Curriculum: The Underlying Challenge to Moving Education Forward

    This blog post kicks off a new blog theme: Reinventing Curriculum. Like teacher and pedagogy, curriculum is one of the keys to a successful learning experience. Due to three trends, we will argue, curriculum – its development, its distribution, and its use — is in a state of real turbulence. The educational community, in general, and educational technology, in particular, needs to focus on the “next turn of the crank” in curriculum! Read Full Article

  • Apps Are Free for a Reason

    Introducing an educational app to the classroom can be dangerous, and the danger can be revealed at surprising times with startling images. Read Full Article

  • Tablets to See Slow Resurgence

    Tablet sales declined substantially in 2015, but they aren't down for good, according to one market research firm. Nevertheless, their short-term growth will be slower than previously expected. Read Full Article

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  • Theft Detection Software Helps Find Kids Too

    Yes, theft technology can be a dandy tool for ensuring that a stolen computer gets returned to its rightful owner. But Absolute Software has also found itself involved in tracking down kids as well, who need other kinds of help.

  • iPad Shipments Plummet as Detachable Tablets Double

    Shipments of Apple tablets, including iPad and iPad Pro, dropped nearly 25 percent in the last quarter of 2015, leading an overall decline in the tablet market. Meanwhile shipments of detachable tablets — devices that include removable keyboards — actually doubled in the same period.

  • Superplus Adds Gaming Features to Vocab App for Students with Special Needs

    Superplus has updated its SuperSpeak vocabulary skill-building iOS app for students with special needs to include a new play feature designed to improve student engagement.

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