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  • Lacking a Teacher, NJ High School Offers Chemistry on Computers

    The Atlantic City School District could not find a certified chemistry teacher to fill a key chemistry teaching position at its one high school last summer and fall. So the district turned to Edmentum, a provider of online courses, to fill the void. This year, four classes at Atlantic City High School are being taught via an online course, with backup support from an Earth science teacher who is not certified to teach chemistry.

  • Trump Picks Ex-HP Executive for Top Management Job at Ed Department

    President Donald Trump has selected Holly Luong Ham, a former executive for HP Inc., to serve as assistant secretary for management at the United States Department of Education (ED).

  • School Leaders Could Do Better at Using Evaluation Systems for PD Guidance

    Just as Dorothy already had what she needed to return home from Oz, schools and districts are already equipped to help teachers identify areas for continuous professional growth; they just need to know how to use their resources — and specifically, their evaluation systems — more effectively.

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