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Clever Replaces Usernames and Passwords with 'Instant Login'

Clever has developed a streamlined "instant login" process that enables single sign-on for all supported educational software.

With Instant Login, students can log in to Clever to view a screen displaying their educational applications, and then launch any those applications through Clever without having to enter another username and password. According to the company, too much classroom time is wasted logging in to software and resetting lost passwords. The company cites a study by MDR, which found that 11.8 percent of class time is spent managing student logins and 79.9 percent of teachers would use more software if it took less time to log in. Instant Login aims to save time by streamlining the login process.

Three school districts — Oakland Unified School District, Lee County and Miami-Dade County — are currently beta testing the new software, and, according to the company, they are "showing significantly increased savings in classroom learning time." Oakland Unified has already announced plans to adopt Instant Login for all of its schools.

Companies that plan to support Instant Login by Clever in the coming months include:

  • Achieve3000;
  • Algebra Nation;
  • ClassDojo;
  • Desmos;
  • Digital Passport by Common Sense Media;
  • DreamBox Learning;
  • FreshGrade;
  • Imagine Learning;
  • Interactive Achievement;
  • Mastery Connect;
  • MyBigCampus;
  • PowerMyLearning;
  • myON Reader by Capstone Digital;
  • PowerMyLearning;
  • Reasoning Mind;
  • Remind101;
  • Stride Academy by LTS Education Systems;
  • Think Through Math; and
  • Triumph Learning.

Instant Login by Clever will be available in July. Clever is offering Instant Login at no cost, and interested schools can join a waitlist on the company's site.

Further information about Instant Login by Clever can be found on the company's site.

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