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Video Capture Device Swivl Exits Beta and Adds New Features

SwivlThe robotic video capture device Swivl today officially exited beta mode, having shipped more than 10,000 units. The Swivl robot (which is compatible with iOS and Android devices) tilts and rotates to follow a teacher as he or she moves around the classroom. The robot records wireless video and audio with its Cloud and Capture app, and then automatically uploads these recordings to its network.

Based on feedback from the 5,000 K-12 schools that took part in the beta testing, Swivl added features including unlimited uploading with content staging, faster uploading speeds and cloud exporting of slide or video files to a computer or YouTube. The previously released Cloud and Capture app is now compatible with both iOS and Android, and gives educators the ability to store, share and enrich videos with slides.

To learn more about how educators have incorporated Swivl in their classrooms, the company launched the Swivl Video Pioneers program at the start of 2014. This group of 25 educators has used Swivl to access distance learners through video MOOCs, to collaborate on curricula and to flip their classrooms. Feedback and advice from the Pioneers and also influenced how Swivl has updated and expanded its capabilities for the classroom.

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