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Pasco Introduces New Tablet Designed for Science

Spark Element tabletLast week, Pasco Scientific introduced the Spark Element, a handheld science learning device. The water-resistant, Android-based tablet offers a multi-touch display; a high-definition camera and USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Spark Element also features a built-in accelerometer and a sound sensor, and it is capable of connecting to more than 80 all-digital Pasport sensors. A smart cover can protect the screen or device by elevating it off a laboratory surface.

The Spark Element comes pre-loaded with Sparkvue, Pasco’s science learning application for sensor-based data collection, sharing, visualization and analysis. Sparkvue is available in 28 languages, and allows students to design and carry out experiments, graph and analyze their data, and share their lab experience in real time. The tablet also comes pre-loaded with interactive science lab activities to guide students through the process of inquiry and investigation.

The Spark Element will be available this June.

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Christopher Piehler is the former editor-in-chief of THE Journal.