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Technology is driving new opportunities in learning and instruction. Students are using mobile devices and new software tools to connect the classroom to the real world. Learn more about the hardware and software solutions you can use to transform learning on your campus.

  • Best Practices for WiFi in K-12 Schools PDF Screenshot

    As school districts increase technology access for students and staff, whether through school provided devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, or a hybrid approach, they must ensure the district wireless LANs (WLANs) can deliver the reliability, performance and security needed to keep learning time productive. Dell, through GovConnection, can help! Download PDF

  • Glen Ellyn School Uses Digital Signage to Enhance Curriculum PDF Screenshot

    Download this white paper to learn how Glen Ellyn school built technology into the curriculum while simultaneously upgrading systems to disseminate information. Download PDF

  • Virtualization for K-12 and Higher Education PDF Screenshot

    Information technology has never been more important for higher education and K-12. Students have grown up with the web, expecting fast, 24/7 access to information, e-mail, games and social networking. And they expect no less from digital classrooms or scheduling, registration and financial aid delivery systems. As educational technologies proliferate, IT managers are looking at server consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing to improve efficiency and agility while reducing operating costs. Download PDF

  • Deep Security 9 PDF Screenshot

    Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the data center. Yet many organizations continue to use legacy security as they move from traditional physical environments to the modern data center where virtualization and cloud are the norm. Download this white paper to learn how using legacy security in the modern data center hindersthe return on investment (ROI) of virtualization and cloud computing. Download PDF

  • Preparing for Success with Online Assessments PDF Screenshot

    With the move to state-mandated online assessments, decisions about hardware, network infrastructure, professional development, and community outreach have never been more important. Download this White Paper to learn how ACER, through GovConnection, is helping schools laying the foundation for success. Download PDF

  • HP Solutions for Education PDF Screenshot

    HP believes that everyone—no matter who they are or where they come from—has the right to a quality education. As a premier provider of technology solutions for education, HP offers efficient and effective access to resources anytime, anywhere, empowering users by helping ensure that the right people utilize the right tools in the most effective ways. Download PDF

  • HP Desktop Mini: The Next-Generation in Business Desktop PCs PDF Screenshot

    Desktops are still where people work—at home offices, in small/medium businesses, and the enterprise. And desktop PCs are still the workhorses of the average business. Yet the form factor and demands of yesterday’s desktops, consuming multiple hundreds of watts of power, are fading away in favor of performance-driven and power-efficient platforms that do all that is needed for the daily worker. Download this White Paper to learn how using powerful, compact technology, smart design, and feature-rich software, HP offers the new HP Desktop Mini. Download PDF

  • HP Officejet Pro X Series Special Price PDF Screenshot

    Download this exclusive offer for HP Officejet Pro X Series printers! Download PDF

  • Your Essential Connection: Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand PDF Screenshot

    Bluetooth wireless keyboards are not always permitted in school testing environments, and battery-powered or rechargeable keyboards can run out of power at unfortunate moments, with unfair consequences. Download this white paper to learn how many schools are addressing this tricky problem. Download PDF

  • The Importance of Safety Certification for Charging Systems PDF Screenshot

    All device charging systems are not created equal. There is a tendency to assume that all charging systems are safe, but this is not always true. It is important to choose products that are safety certified as complete and integrated systems. It is important to require this of your supplier to ensure the safety of your devices, your facilities and your students. Download PDF

  • Shape the Future PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how the right tools in the classroom can encourage student learning and empower children to succeed by building 21st century skills. Download PDF

  • Sophos Enduser Data Suite PDF Screenshot

    Download this White Paper to learn how successfully combining encryption, DLP, endpoint and mobile protection can create the perfect data protection plan without complexity. Download PDF

  • Windows Server 2003: Why You Should Get Current PDF Screenshot

    This IDC white paper considers the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003 and explores the Windows migration options that are available to customers and the benefits associated with a modernization effort. It also evaluates the risks that customers faced if they did not move off of Windows Server 2003 prior to the conclusion of extended support. Download PDF

  • The Perfect Fit for Education PDF Screenshot

    Make the most of your mobile devices in and out of the classroom with a complete assortment of Belkin accessories through GovConnection. Start by protecting every Apple® iPad® with a Belkin Air Protect Case, and then bring in compatible accessories like the Belkin Store and Charge Station and Belkin Tablet Stands. You’ll never have to compromise between safety and convenience. Download PDF

  • Ultrabook Connectivy Add-ons PDF Screenshot

    Ultrabooks and super-thin laptops have their advantages. Connecting your existing peripherals and the Internet through Ethernet isn’t one of them. Don’t worry! StarTech, through GovConnection, can help upgrade your new Ultrabook’s connectivity. Download PDF

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