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Baseball and security -- there’s something about these two topics that makes sense. Perhaps it’s the execution of the strategy; or perhaps it’s the finality of a well-executed play. But there are some indisputable truths about both the sport and the need for IT security in schools and universities. In the midst of the blissful summer rituals, dangers are still lurking. Malware and ransomware are trying to steal dollars you have set aside for the next wave of innovation in education. So this summer, when the bad guys think you are only worried about the next ballgame, set in motion your Triple Play against malware, ransomware, and threats from the cloud. With our special Cisco Capital solutions, your organization can still afford to implement before the fall rush of students. Knock it out of the park now for your students!

Trivia Challenge

And while Security is no Trivial Matter, please join us in our Baseball and Security Trivia Challenge. This is a fun way to learn about a serious subject. Follow us here on twitter and on Facebook. #CiscoTriplePlay.

Security/Baseball Challenge Answers

  • T or F: 27% percent of connected third-party cloud apps introduced into enterprise environments in 2016 posed a high security risk.
  • T or F: Barry Bonds has played the most consecutive games of baseball, breaking Lou Gehrig's record on September 6, 1995.
    FALSE, Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • T or F: In 2016 the number of new cloud applications introduced actually slowed.
  • T or F: The first designated hitter's initials were DH (Dan Hayes).
  • T or F:Security teams use automation to cut through the “noise” of security alerts and focus their resources on investigating true threats
  • T or F: Security teams use automation to cut through the “noise” of security alerts and focus their resources on investigating true threats.

Check back next week for more answers! #CiscoTriplePlay


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