Snapshot Articles

  • Deadline Looms for 2 Classroom Grants Offering $2,500 and $500 for Teachers Full STEAM Ahead

    Engaging students in STEAM subjects not only creates pathways to future job opportunities; it helps them become adept at solving all kinds of problems they might encounter, regardless of their chosen careers. And it prepares them to be effective global citizens because students’ ability to contribute to an increasingly complex society depends on STEAM literacy. >

  • Research: Effective Communication Can Reduce Absenteeism 10 Percent Robotics to the Rescue

    Robots have captured students’ imaginations for decades, from the sci-fi movies of the 1960s to the hugely popular Transformers series today. So it’s no surprise that K—12 robotics programs have exploded in recent years as a way to engage students in STEAM learning. >

  • California Close to Adoption of New Curriculum for NGSS Promoting Equity in STEAM Learning

    Providing access to high-quality instruction is an important strategy for inspiring girls and minorities to consider STEAM careers, but so is exposing them to STEAM professionals who look like they do. >

  • Making Their Mark

    The challenge facing educators is how to channel students’ passion and creativity in ways that advance learning. One way to do this is to give students specific problems and challenges that align with curriculum goals. >

  • Acer Windows Mixed Reality headsets Virtual Reality Can Make a Real Impact on STEAM Learning

    Edtech companies have been promoting the benefits of augmented and virtual reality as emerging instructional tools for many years. Now, students are finally starting to reap these benefits, as augmented and virtual reality are helping to bring STEAM concepts to life. >