Snapshot Articles

  • A Game Plan for Esports in High School

    A year ago, when the Orange County Department of Education reached out to its high schools with a query — any interest in esports? — 25 schools from its 28 districts jumped up to learn more. The idea was to try launching a league that would leverage internet-based gameplaying to boost STEM education. >

  • What High School Esports Requires

    Esports programs are kicking off across the country, but what is really required to get started at your school or district? What games ignite the most student interest? Is new equipment necessary or will existing equipment work? Learn how Huntington Beach Union High School District addressed these questions and more. >

  • Girls and Esports

    It's not easy to get girls involved in esports — for a multitude of reasons — but once they do, the outcome can be amazing. >

  • 5 Ways to Fund Your Esports Club

    While esports may be inexpensive compared to other sporting activities on campus, it still needs some amount of investment. Here's how to raise the funds you'll need. >

  • High School Esports Sets a Pathway to College

    Literally dozens of universities and colleges have opened up esports programs in the last couple of years. So, it's little wonder that many of them are dangling scholarship dollars to top esports players with all the fervor of Clemson coaches considering their 2019 football commits. Learn how schools can work with area colleges or universities to grow esports and create a pipeline of college-going students. >