Snapshot Articles

  • Personalized Learning Top Priority for Tech Usage in K–12 Chapter 1: Re-examining Your Storage Profile

    Students devices are becoming an increasingly important element to the classroom and the learning experience. As digital content and data rapidly grow, it is critical the networks are able to support their use. To face the trends and trials of the modern classroom, schools and districts require a computing infrastructure that delivers virtual management and scaling so that IT services are responsive. >

  • Man touching a clipboard sign with check mark Chapter 2: What's Holding Schools Back from Modernizing

    K-12 is still mired in the "typical three-tier architecture that includes servers, some type of storage or network fabric and a back-end array." While many schools and districts have already modernized their server activities through virtualization of the hardware for that purpose, they've held off on doing the same on the storage side. Read more to learn why. >

  • Gender Gap among Math High Achievers Evident by Grade 9, Just Gets Wider Chapter 3: Measuring the Breadth of the Need

    As school and districts reevaluate their infrastructure, it is important to run an assessment to better understand the workloads. Fully understanding the need and reviewing the information with an expert can provide helpful insight into making the best decision. >

  • abstract network image Chapter 4: Simplifying Ops with Hyper

    Let's return to that single-item shortlist schools need in an infrastructure to know that it’s future-proof: It uses virtual management and scaling so that IT services are responsive. How can school districts ensure they are meeting this need? Read more to learn what education IT leaders are considering. >

  • Chapter 5: Building On Your Base

    How can your IT organization know that the data center decisions you make now will result in a storage infrastructure that continues far into the future to be resilient, stable and scalable and not vulnerable to that ever-present concern about vendor lock-in? After all, there are a lot of choices of companies to work with in the segment. How do you choose wisely? >

  • Chapter 6: Innovating in Education

    Future-proofing your school district data center and hacking away at your technical debt doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how K-12 IT professionals are doing it every day. >