How to Protect Your K-12 Students in an Evolving Digital World

Through an infusion of relief funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have the financial resources to invest in the care and welfare of the students and families in their districts. Schools are navigating school closures, which are on the rise once again as districts struggle with increased pandemic-related caseloads and staff shortages, and serious incidents on campuses, which have called into question the physical safety of students, who are seeking out crisis care in greater numbers.

However, in our digital world, there are increasingly more resources that are available to help schools and students navigate their ever-changing reality. This set of resources provides practical insights, trends and best practices for protecting your students as they learn in and maneuver through a world that is offering a larger-than-normal share of change.

Additional Resources

  • Spotlight: Online Student Safety

    The number of attacks on schools’ networks and viral classrooms have seen significant increases. In this Spotlight, assess possible digital vulnerabilities; learn how students may be partaking in digital self-harm; gain insights on popular platforms; evaluate whether students are being groomed to accept over-surveillance; and consider the safety of students’ data storage. Access the Spotlight now to learn more.
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  • Guide: New Technologies to Ensure Student Safety in the Digital Age

    From tools that help adults create a kid-friendlier Internet to an AI that recognizes signs of bullying and even intuits risks of self-harm, Securly breaks new ground and innovates to meet modern problems head-on to keep students safe in a digital age.
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