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  • Digital Technologies Have Mixed Effect on Students' Research Habits

    Teachers are conflicted about the effect of the Internet and digital search tools on their students' research and writing habits, according to a new study. While they seem to agree that mobile devices and Internet-based resources have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on students' research habits, they also question students' abilities to use them properly.

  • Student-run Tech Support Programs Advance at the Speed of Technology

    As student-run IT initiatives evolve into full curriculum programs, schools find that students aren't just supporting technology--technology is supporting them.

  • Connecting with Students

    It's the little things that can help a teacher connect with every student in the class, according to author Lynell Burmark: A good place to start: Show the image first, then use the words.

  • The Best Little Teacher Education Program Out There

    The Blue Valley School District’s teacher training program models pedagogy and technology for tomorrow’s teachers while they’re today’s high school students. Colleges of education should take notice.


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