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  • Addressing Chronic Underachievement: A Systemic, Technology-Based Approach

    Too many school districts are taking a patchwork approach to addressing chronic underachievement through a range of programs and initiatives, according to two UCLA researchers. Some of those initiatives may be effective, but the lack of an overarching plan means programs may overlap or conflict with each other, while leaving gaps that fail to address some issues.


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  • 7 Key Points for Transforming Learning Environments with Technology

    Incorporating technology into traditional classroom practices is beneficial, but digital media has a greater effect on learning if educators use it to transform the school environment into a digital learning culture, according to a new paper from the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

  • Should 'Preschool for All' Take a Targeted Approach?

    There's a conundrum facing universal preK. According to researchers, the disadvantaged see definite benefits from free preschool, with mid-term academic gains and increased "quality" parental involvement. But when preschool is available to all, those who can afford private schools begin to switch to the free, public system, causing a "crowd out" that, among other things, increases costs to taxpayers by "as much as 19 percent" while providing no discernible benefits.

  • Cost Keeps 3 Percent of the Nation Offline

    About 15 percent of America not online for one reason or another. But cost seems to be a factor for just a small minority of the adult population, according to a new report released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

  • Software Maps the Way to True Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Geovisual software can help district leaders make data-driven decisions about redistricting, attrition, and transportation.


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