Collaboration 2.0
Web 2.0 Strategies for Education


  • Videoconferencing: Broadening Horizons for KSD Deaf Students

    Teaching deaf students involves more than scholastics, especially in areas where the deaf population is much smaller than the national average. In Kentucky, for example, only 3 percent are deaf, compared with 10 percent nationwide, which makes it difficult for students to interact with deaf people outside of the perimeter of the school. More


  • Buffalo District Adds Gaming to Math Curriculum

    Buffalo Public Schools in New York is introducing educational gaming to thousands of students across dozens of schools. The district is adopting Tabula Digita's DimensionM educational games as a supplement to its math curriculum.More
  • IBM Zula Develop Online Science Gaming Environment

    Zula and IBM have collaborated to launch ZulaWorld, a science-focused, online educational gaming site with social interaction features.More
  • Indiana District Funds Classroom Makeovers with Open Source Savings

    Indiana's Michigan City Area Schools is in the midst of renovating hundreds of classrooms at fourteen school sites. Through a new technology initiative, called HiTEC ("High Technology Educational Classroom"), the district is outfitting its classrooms with a wide range of interactive A/V technologies and control systems and funding the whole thing through savings realized through an open source initiative.More
  • Virtual Academy Speeds Identification of Students at Risk

    The Idaho Digital Learning Academy, a virtual K-12 school established by the Idaho legislature in 2002, is looking to accelerate the identification of students who need special help to succeed academically. More
  • MA Secondary Schools Add Digital Media to the Learning Process

    In an effort to enhance the learning experience using photos and other images, software developer Vertus has donated about 200 licenses for its software Play With Pictures to Old Rochester Junior High School and Senior High School of Mattapoisett, MA.More