Collaboration 2.0
Web 2.0 Strategies for Education


  • Bridging the Gap Between Online and On-ground Teaching

    Increasing numbers of studies are being done that seem to support the notion that blended course delivery or program delivery really captures the best of every possible world and, as such, is an effective way of learning for students.More


  • Consortium Pursues Online Learning for the Visually Impaired

    As pervasive as the Internet has become, there is one group of people that is still unable to realize many of its benefits. However, thanks to the work of CANnect, a consortium of schools and philanthropists dedicated to overcoming this obstacle, the visually impaired may soon acquire unprecedented access to the Web and much of its affiliated technology.More
  • Online Social Media Workspace Gives Administrators Greater Oversight

    With the rapid inroads social networking sites have made into schools, a prevailing concern among educators and administrators is the oversight necessary to keep students "safe" while interacting in such online communities.More
  • ConnectYard Widget Talks to Social Networking Sites from CMS

    ConnectYard, which builds education-related applications, has developed a widget that can be added to a course management system for delivering queries to the user via social networking sites and other means. QuickConnect Widget works with Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, and other LMS platforms, according to the company.More
  • Managing Social Media Risks

    Name an online social networking site, and there are liable to be thousands of teachers, administrators, and students using it connect with people. Whether it's Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or one of the more "specialized" online venues, all are replete with individuals looking to tap into the growing social networking wave.More
  • Missouri Expands Statewide Online Education Offerings

    The Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MoVIP) has moved to expand substantially its online course offerings to Missouri public school students with its new membership in the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC).More
  • PCI Partners with Social Network To Aid Special Ed Teachers

    Education social and professional network We Are Teachers (WAT) has partnered with special education resources provider PCI Education to give special education teachers their own forum for interacting and sharing methods and ideas.More
  • Survey Results Point to Educators' Interest in Social Networking Sites

    Preliminary results of a survey released in mid-September at the EdNET Conference in Chicago indicate a great deal of interest from educators in using online social networking to connect with colleagues and discuss best practices and ways to improve education.More
  • Comcast and Discovery Launch On Demand Educational Video Service for Home

    Seeking to expand opportunities to increase student achievement, Discovery Education has joined with the Indianapolis Region of Comcast Corp. to launch a video on demand (VOD) service in Indiana specifically to make its extensive library of educational videos available to students and parents at home.More