Collaboration 2.0
Web 2.0 Strategies for Education


  • Reinvigorating Videoconferencing at Passaic Valley High School

    When a high school with a dormant videoconferencing room hires a 20-year videoconferencing veteran, that school can expect big changes in the AV department. So it was when Matthew Conforth joined Passaic Valley High School (PVHS) in New Jersey. Conforth, an educator with 40 years of experience, quickly zeroed in on how to leverage the videoconferencing investment.More


  • Are Schools Preparing Students for 21st Century Learning?

    There's a "disconnect" between school administrators and parents. While more than half of America's school principal's said they think they're "doing a good job" preparing students for the 21st century, only a third of parents of middle school and high school students agreed, according to research released by Project Tomorrow and Blackboard.More
  • 10.5 Million PreK-12 Students Will Attend Classes Online by 2014

    More than 2 million preK-12 students take some form of schooling online right now--whether attending a virtual school for all their classes or just taking one or more courses via the Internet. But while the vast majority of students will continue to take all of their courses in physical classrooms over the next five years, the number of students taking courses online will jump to more than 10 million by 2014, according to data released recently by research firm Ambient Insight.More
  • eChalk Joins Major Tech Providers on National Ed Tech Research Project

    With a vested interest in America learning all it can about the impacts of technology on education, instructional technology and communications company eChalk has signed on to Project RED, a nationwide research and advocacy effort aimed at measuring the effects of education technology on both student achievement and the cost to governments.More
  • iParadigms Updates Peer Review App

    iParadigms has announced an update for its peer review Web service. Formerly known as Peer Review, the new release, named PeerMark, lets instructors create and manage assignments in which students read and provide comments on each others' work.More
  • Moodlerooms Launches Data Exchange Tool and Cisco WebEx Integration

    Moodlerooms, a Moodle service provider, has released a data exchange tool and announced two new programs: a partnership with the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute and a new partner program for the development of plugins.More