Collaboration 2.0
Web 2.0 Strategies for Education


  • The End of the Virtual World

    Teachers are looking for alternatives as Linden Lab prepares to close down the Teen Grid--a region of the immersive virtual world Second Life designed just for teenagers and their education institutions. Where will all those teen avatars wind up? And is there an upside for those who've spent years developing educational resources on the proprietary platform?



  • iPod Touch Adds Video Calling, HD Recording

    Apple has debuted a new version of the iPod touch. The popular consumer handheld device, set t sip next week, has been upgraded with HD video recording and a front-facing camera for making video calls over WiFi.

  • Digital Services Expand Science, Current Event Content

    Discovery Education has inked agreements to add a variety of new content to its Science for Elementary and Discovery Education streaming digital content services, including a popular animated science series for young children.

  • Free Science Library Goes Mobile

    Nature Education has released a new mobile version of Scitable, a free learning tool for high school and post-secondary science.

  • Massachusetts District To Launch Statewide Virtual School

    Greenfield Public Schools has partnered with K12 Inc. to launch the first full-time statewide virtual public school in Massachusetts. It's also described as the state's first "virtual 'Innovation School'" under new legislation designed to ease the way for districts to establish their own alternative education programs.

  • Washington District Adopts LMS To Support 21st Century Learning Initiative

    Seeking new avenues of alignment with its 21st century learning vision, Lake Washington School District has adopted online communication tools and learning activities personalized to student needs to its educational technology repertoire.

  • K-12 Groups Stranded in Second Life Teen Grid Shutdown

    The Teen Grid--a sub-domain of the immersive 3D world Second Life--will be shutting down by the end of the year, stranding some K-12 organizations that had been experimenting in virtuality.

  • 2tor and ProctorU Add Video with TokBox

    Two companies that cater to the education market have added video conferencing services to their own programs. Both 2tor and ProctorU have integrated video into their offerings through the TokBox application programming interface.