District Cloud Computing
K-12 Education and the Cloud


  • Examining Green Cloud Claims

    Cloud computing is touted as a "green" technology, but this claim fails to take into consideration the full environmental impact of the scalable resource. The energy savings a school can experience by reducing its hardware can be significant, but other environmental factors must also be addressed if the traditional green claims are declared valid.


Barracuda Backup Service

Earthquakes and floods and tornados oh my! The season of natural disasters is upon us and data backed up to a single location could be at risk. Barracuda Backup Service is a complete and affordable alternative to tape backup which provides Barracuda Cloud or Private Cloud deployment options for disaster recovery protection.
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File Storage

  • Educators Have Options for Storing Files on the Cloud

    A number of reasonably priced cloud-based file storage sites exist, but not all are optimized for education or designed specifically for the classroom. While the services are free upfront, there may still be costs involved, even if they are not readily apparent.


Application Development

  • Electric Cloud Offers Free Trial License

    Through Sept. 30, nonprofit educational institutions can receive a free six-month license for Electric Cloud’s ElectricCommander Workgroup Edition, a cloud solution that automates certain tasks to help developers and IT personnel speed up the creation of homegrown applications, like custom-built online learning or enrollment programs.


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