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  • Author, Author! Apple, Apple!

    Apple's new interactive textbook authoring system might just revolutionize the way districts develop their own curriculum. T.H.E. Journal Editorial Director Therese Mageau was on hand for its product announcement in New York Jan. 19, and has her own take on it.

  • Experience FETC Every Month

    Introducing FETC Learning Network, a brand new electronic newsletter especially for the FETC community. Delivered straight to your e-mail inbox each month, T.H.E. Journal will continue the learning you experienced at FETC 2012.



  • A Back Channel for Learning

    Edmodo, the secure social networking tool designed for education, is the official social media application of FETC 2012. T.H.E. Journal talked with Betsy Whalen, Edmodo's vice president of community engagement, to find out how attendees can get the most out of using Edmodo for their conference-going experience.on the most important elements of any sustainability effort.

  • An Inspiration for Project-based Learning Advocates

    Back in 1999, on a dare from her then-sixth-grade class, Reno, NV, middle school teacher and 2012 FETC keynote speaker Tierney Cahill accepted the challenge of a lifetime and embarked on the ultimate project-based learning assignment: With no prior political experience, and a shoestring budget of just $7,000--but the help of her students--Cahill ran for her district's seat in the US House of Representatives, spurred on by one student's cynicism that only millionaires and the well-connected can run for public office.

  • Conference Slate Continues to Expand

    Since the preliminary slate of keynotes, workshops, and concurrent sessions for FETC 2012 was released late last year, there have been dozens of additions. Every one of them offers something of value to attendees, but here are a few selected additions that demonstrate the technologies that drive school excellence. A complete up-to-date listing of all events is available in the print program at FETC or at fetc.com.

  • FETC 2012 Opens With Tech Shoot Out

    FETC 2012 gets off to a very quick start Tuesday morning with the third annual "Technology Shoot-Out." Four experts in the world of educational technology who travel the country all year will spend a fast-moving 90 minutes running through the latest, most exciting gadgets, programs, and learning and teaching tools.


Featured Speakers

  • Administrators, Where Are Your iPads?

    Turn around and you'll run into a professional development offering that claims to help you integrate the Apple iPad into classroom instruction. But that can only go so far, said Susan Brooks-Young, who works with educators on the effective use of technology for both adults and kids. What's often missing, she said, is the role that the school or district administrator plays in an iPad deployment.

  • Michael Wesch: It's a 'Pull, Pull' World

    Educators play a critical role in the development of the essential skills students need to navigate the blizzard of unfiltered information available to them via the Web. Michael Wesch, associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, said he believes they should also be fostering something more basic: curiosity and imagination.

  • Mobile Technology Changes the Game

    As schools start to place mobile technologies in the hands of every student, the traditional use of the classroom PC is waning. Education technology consultant and FETC 2012 speaker Brent Williams talks about the challenges ahead and why going mobile is in everyone's best interest.

  • OMG: Engaging Students on Their Own Terms

    Technology Director Anthony A. Luscre of Mogadore Local Schools challenges educators to use students' mobile devices to provide technology-rich, highly engaging, and fun learning experiences that reflect real-world skills.

  • The Three Key Literacies

    Heidi Hayes Jacobs, is the founder and president of Curriculum Designers, executive director of the National Curriculum Mapping Institute and Academy, and author of the groundbreaking "Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World." T.H.E. Journal Contributing Writer Jennifer Demski recently sat down with Hayes Jacobs, who will keynote this year's FETC, to discuss why educators must embrace curriculum reform, the impact of the Common Core State Standards on her approach to upgrading curriculum, and her goal for the future of K-12 education.


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