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  • Registration is now open for the FETC Virtual Conference on October 18, 2012!

    Our programming team is putting together a top-notch ALL ONLINE program of inspiring sessions—new sessions from featured speakers who will be presenting at FETC in January. Get a sneak preview of what FETC is about by attending this one-day virtual conference—featuring compelling presentations by the ed-tech visionaries who are shaping the way technology is utilized in the classroom today.



  • 5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher-Order Thinking

    Mobile apps and Web 2.0 tools can facilitate implementation of activities requiring students to use skills at the top three levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy--analyzing, evaluating, and creating. Here are five examples of activities that target these levels of the taxonomy and can be used with students across grade levels in a variety of content areas.

  • 5 K-12 Funding Trends That Follow the Money

    T.H.E. Journal's newest column, Funding Survival Kit, will offer advice on how to navigate the K-12 funding landscape to help with the acquisition of technology. In this inaugural column, RedRock Reports President Jenny House provides an overview of the five most important funding trends likely to impact the K-12 environment in the coming year.



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