K-12 Mobile Classroom
Mobile Technology in the K-12 Classroom

Feature Stories

  • Emphasizing Responsibility in Mobile AUPs

    As more schools turn to mobile technology, policy around the technology is coming to the fore, and it's not all about Do's and Don'ts.

  • The Tablets Are Coming

    Today’s next-generation tablets are small and light, they’re relatively inexpensive, they have a long battery life, and, with exponential growth in applications, they can do just about anything. Schools may want to get ready now, because if the technology is, as the experts predict, in its infancy, there’s a tablet explosion on the horizon.


App Roundup

Mobile Learning

  • 6 Early Learning Apps Reviewed

    T.H.E. Journal recently invited Carolina Nugent, education director of startup app finder KinderTown, to review a few of her favorite apps geared for the K-1 set.



  • Cleveland Schools Issue Nook Tablets to Students

    Students at Washington Park Environmental Studies Academy and Mound K-8 School in Cleveland, OH will be starting classes with a Barnes and Noble Nook Color tablet tucked in their backpacks.

  • iSwiFTER Releases Rover Flash Browser for iPad

    In an effort to enabled Flash-based content for iPads, iSWiFTER Learn has developed a new browser app, called Rover, specifically designed for educators and students that offers both pre-selected learning content and filtered web browsing.


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