K-12 Mobile Classroom
Mobile Technology in the K-12 Classroom


  • 10 Apps for Introducing Math Reviewed

    Common Sense Media’s service Graphite, which offers independent ratings and reviews of learning apps and websites, has compiled and reviewed this list of its top apps for introducing math to young students.

  • Using Mobile Games in the Classroom and Living Room

    Games can help keep students engaged in learning, whether in school or at home.

  • Students Owning Their Learning: A Tale of 2 Schools

    From Dewey in 1916 to PISA findings from 2012, with scientific research and personal experiences in between, we know that student ownership of their learning is absolutely key. In this week’s blog post, we explore how student ownership is facilitated in a direct-instruction school (Carpe Diem schools) and a project-based school (New Tech Network schools).

  • Survey: Developing for Android Is Faster

    If you're wondering what platform to start out on for that educational mobile app, you may want to begin with Android since that development process appears to go faster than developing apps for iOS or Windows Phone.


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