K-12 Mobile Classroom
Mobile Technology in the K-12 Classroom


  • Survey: Teachers Say Tech Distractions More Concerning than Privacy, Security

    Most teachers in the United States are more worried about the potential for technology in the classroom to distract students than they are about privacy and security, according to a new survey from Instructure. Respondents also said, however, that they are optimistic about technology's potential to improve learning outcomes, increase access to education and boost the efficiency with which it's delivered.



  • Reinventing Curriculum: The Underlying Challenge to Moving Education Forward

    This blog post kicks off a new blog theme: Reinventing Curriculum. Like teacher and pedagogy, curriculum is one of the keys to a successful learning experience. Due to three trends, we will argue, curriculum – its development, its distribution, and its use — is in a state of real turbulence. The educational community, in general, and educational technology, in particular, needs to focus on the "next turn of the crank" in curriculum!



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