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Security Spotlight

  • Safety Drill! Critical Response in Action

    Putting your schools through practice sessions is ultimately the best test for determining how effective your crisis response plan will be in a real emergency. Here, a high school and the security expert it worked with share their experiences for holding safety drills with impact.


School Security News & Issues

  • Detroit To Spend $42 million on Security Gear, Facilities

    Detroit Public Schools will be rolling out a $41.7 million public safety plan during the next school year that will include new surveillance technologies and construction of a new $6 million building to house the Office of Public Safety.

  • El Paso District Looks To Lock Down Confidential Data

    El Paso Independent School District in Texas will be implementing a security appliance strictly intended to prevent confidential data from leaving the network.

  • OpenDNS Blocks Academic Fraud

    OpenDNS is rolling out a new Internet security tool to block academic fraud sites. As part of its free and premium cloud-based DNS and filtering services, the company is launching a new feature that prevents users from accessing Internet resources that enable academic fraud, such as essay ghostwriting services and other sites that help students violate an institution's academic integrity guidelines.

  • Web Security Report Reveals Major Vulnerabilities

    Botnets are an increasingly efficient way to deliver malware; cyber criminal attacks via social networks like Twitter are an omnipresent threat; spam is increasing in both volume and severity. These are just a few of the conclusions that appear in the latest report from Web security products provider M86 Security.

  • Texas District To Spend $1.7 Million on Video Surveillance Updates

    Pflugerville Independent School District in Texas will be spending about $1.7 million to upgrade video surveillance. According to the recommendation document voted on by the board of trustees, the district's current camera and surveillance system is composed of a group of decentralized cameras and systems "that experience sporadic outages, require costly maintenance, and do not adequately serve district-wide safety and security needs." The new purchase will replace and expand the existing system.

  • Lightspeed Systems Injects Filtering and Spam Software into Rocket Appliances

    Lightspeed Systems has launched a pair of appliances, named "Lightspeed Rockets," that integrate hardware preinstalled with either the company's Internet filtering or spam-blocking software for schools.

  • Radiant Logic Adds Security Features to Virtual Directory Suite

    Radiant Logic, which sells virtual directory software, has released an updated version of its application suite that adds new security features, as well as functionality for Microsoft SharePoint environments.