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  • Teaching Parents Digital Citizenship at Katy ISD

    This Texas school district has decided that the best way to help their students learn how to use online resources more responsibly is to educate parents as well. Evening technology showcases provide a launch pad.


School Security News & Issues

  • Security Report Lays Out How Exploit Kits Work

    A new free report by a security vendor explains in plain language how exploit kits are sold, deployed, and used to generate money for their buyers through malware installation. Marketed with feature lists and screenshots and sold like other software programs, an exploit kit is a Web application that allows the user to take advantage of known exploits in popular applications, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Flash Player.

  • Web Security Threats on the Rise, Report Finds

    Vulnerabilities in browser-based applications represent the fastest-rising information security flaws anywhere, according to a new report, wich also showed that the United States is once again No. 1 with the most malicious activity on the Internet.

  • Report: 'Overzealous and Questionable' Use of Technology in Laptop Spying Case

    A Pennsylvania school district under legal fire for using school laptops that captured images of students in their homes without disclosing the activity has issued a lengthy report that summarizes the findings of an investigation into the matter.

  • New API Helps Admins Locate E911 Callers

    Two companies are working together to deliver a WiFi emergency call location service for campuses.

  • Camden County District Overhauls Computer Security

    Camden County School District in Georgia has switched to a new set of security programs for its computers to protect against malware such as viruses, spyware, and spam.

  • IE 8 XSS Vulnerability To Get Fixed in June

    Microsoft is preparing a security update in June for the IE XSS filter in Internet Explorer 8. The update will address a flaw in IE 8 that could enable cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks by hackers.

  • Microsoft Security Report Points Fingers at ISVs

    The overall number of Windows security holes has declined in the last year by 8.4 percent to about 2,500 vulnerabilities, according to a new Microsoft report.