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Teaching & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 11/29/2017


  • Common Core Qualities Live on in State Replacements

    While the Common Core State Standards may have suffered the ignominy of being tossed out by nearly half of the states that originally adopted them, a review of replacement learning standards has established that in most places Common Core characteristics have remained in place.

  • Project-Based Learning: 'Promising but Not Proven,' Researchers Say

    Does a focus on exploring real-world problems and challenges help students learn more effectively? That's the question posed in a working paper from research non-profit MRDC, which undertook a literature review on the topic of project-based learning (PBL) — 17 years after the last such review.

  • Home Connectivity and the Homework Gap

    Is the internet destined to become just another wedge pushing the achievement gap wider?

  • Motivation a Major Factor in U.S. Student Test Performance

    A new report finds that bribery substantially boosts U.S. student performance on standardized tests, leading researchers to conclude that lack of motivation, not just lack of ability, has contributed to the United States' middling standings in international rankings based on standardized test scores.



  • Use Computers in the Classroom for Personalized Learning and Social Learning

    Personal computing devices are entering the K-12 classroom at a dramatically increased rate. Using those computers to support personalized learning is definitely in the cards. However, we urge those in charge: remember your Dewey — "education is a social process" — and use those computers for social learning as well!


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