THE Blended Classroom
Teaching & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education 4/11/2018


  • PBL with a Purpose

    Using project-based learning in support of clear curriculum goals leads to deeper learning and engagement for these school systems.

  • Report: The Real Role of Blended Learning in Instruction

    A new guide on blended learning reminds school district leaders that blended isn't a goal unto itself; nor is it a specific instructional approach. Blended can be integrated into a "variety of educational models" and serves as the "vehicle" for providing innovative instruction.

  • The Imperative for Fostering Creativity in Students

    Education advocates Peter and Paul Reynolds argue the urgency developing creativity in students, of moving the emphasis away from standardized testing and breaking the cycle of "creativity crushing" in schools.



  • Mobile Learning: Now In the Hands of Teenagers

    While "mobile learning" may be overshadowed these days by other tech trends, make no mistake: in the hands of today's youth, mobile learning is huge! Data to back that claim up — and more like it — are in this week's blog post, where we interview Dr. Julie Evans, CEO — and Diva Extraordinaire — of Project Tomorrow. Using their "phones" teens are absolutely exploring "socially-based, un-tethered and digitally rich learning."

  • 7 Key Considerations for Online and Blended Learning Programs

    How to set up and orchestrate a successful online and blended learning program for K–12


Ed Tech News

  • Research: Students Who Benefit Most from Charter Schools Are Least Likely to Apply

    Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, those with lower academic achievements and students who are not white are the most likely to benefit academically from attending a charter school.

  • A Warning Call to K–12: NEPC Turns Off Facebook Account

    As Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress this week, the National Education Policy Center has deleted its Facebook account in order to break ties with an organization that has become known for its "invasive data mining and the third-party targeting of users...."

  • Adobe Releases Spark Free for Education

    Adobe has made its digital storytelling tool, Spark, free for schools, colleges and universities. The free edition includes premium features and previously ran $120 per year for a subscription.

  • Creative Problem Solving Should Be Emphasized More in Schools

    Nearly all, 85 percent, of educators and policymakers in the United States, say they think creative problem solving is a very important skill for students to learn in school, according to a new survey. At the same time, 84 percent of educators and and 68 percent of policymakers surveyed said that there is not enough emphasis on creative problem solving in American education.

  • Law Aims to Sort Out Credit Transfer

    A new Virginia law is intended to improve the credit students get for taking college classes while in high school and to make sure those credits stick when they enter four-year institutions.

  • Non-Profit Works with Microsoft to Integrate OER into Office 365

    Open Up's offerings include math curriculum for grades 6-8 and English language arts curriculum for K-5. The materials are free and can be used by teachers and students on any platform or device through a web browser.

  • DonorsChoose Teachers Take Delivery of Cryptocurrency-Funded Projects

    The donation announced in late March by DonorsChoose and Ripple covered the complete funding needed for nearly 36,000 projects, the largest donation ever received by the charity and the largest ever made by a company in the crypto market.

  • Partnership Aims to Create STEM Teacher Pipeline

    The University of California, Riverside, and the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) have partnered on an initiative to attract new STEM teachers to the California district.

  • NGSS Issues Seal of Approval for Best Science Units

    So far, a single resource has earned the recognition.

  • Panopto Adds NewTek NDI Support

    Panopto has added support for the NewTek NDI standard to its lecture capture system. This allows Panopto's software to be used in conjunction with NDI-enabled devices, including IP-based cameras.

  • zSpace, Autodesk Make Tinkercad Designs Immersive

    zSpace and Autodesk have teamed up to let students explore 3D objects in an immersive VR environment.

  • 16 Schools Receive Active Learning Classroom Grant

    This summer, 16 institutions across K-12 and higher education will receive furniture, design, installation and on-site training for a new active learning classroom, thanks to Steelcase Education's fourth annual Active Learning Center Grant. Valued at about $67,000 per classroom, the grant "supports active learning strategies in classrooms where teachers are already striving to implement related practices by installing a learning space with furniture designed to encourage student engagement and success," according to a news announcement.


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