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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros

Online Learning

  • The Virtual School Debate

    Are public school districts feeling the heat when it comes to online education? Well, the Clovis Unified School District (CA) realized that, of the 200 to 400 students it was losing each year, only half were dropping out of school, the rest were opting out—and many of them were doing so because they had found that for-profit virtual schools were doing a better job of satisfying their needs. That's one of the issues to be examined in the August issue of T.H.E. Journal.


Policy and Advocacy

  • Competing for the Virtual Student

    As the for-profit sector gets into the virtual school business, public schools begin to vie for the online student at the same time they find new ways to help them be successful.


Report From the Field

  • A Closer Look at Virtual Learning Models

    With the recent passage of the Digital Learning Now Actin Florida, which expands virtual education options to parents and students, one trend that finally has the power to truly revolutionize the very fabric of our education system is online learning.


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