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Critical Insights for K-12 Education Technology Pros

Rural Schools

  • Off the Beaten Path

    Making sure students in rural areas get the same quality of educational experience as their counterparts in urban and suburban neighborhoods can be enhanced by the right kind of technology implementation.

  • Out in the Country

    One research director, Andrea Beesley, who wrote a piece for our October issue on the use of technology in rural schools says she has gotten used to questions she would never get when discussing urban or suburban schools: Questions like, "Do they even have computers?" or "Is there access to the internet out there?" In most cases, of course, the answer to both questions is, "Yes, but there are differences."



  • Keeping Rural Schools Up to Speed

    Rural schools are long accustomed to meeting challenges in innovative ways. For them, the challenge is not so much a lack of technology as a lack of internet access, which affects both teachers and students.

  • Six Habits of Highly Effective E-Rate Applicants

    In an atmosphere and economic era in which requests for E-Rate funding are more than double the amount available each year, applicants must be particularly persistent and vigilant when it comes to requesting money from the FCC.


Digital Content

  • Driving Digital Change

    Several states have taken steps to make adopting digital content easier for schools. Not all have been entirely successful yet, but their early mistakes can be guideposts for others considering the same thing.


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