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  • The 5 Keys to Educational Technology

    What is educational technology? What are its purposes and goals, and how can it best be implemented? Hap Aziz, director of the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College, explores what he terms the "five key components" to approaching educational technology.


IT News

  • Colorado Districts Overhaul Networks, Move to Fiber

    Two K-12 districts in Colorado have upgraded their networks to support technology initiatives for their schools and administrative facilities, offering enhanced access to educational tools, voice and data services, and data protection via high-speed fiber and hybrid copper/fiber infrastructure.

  • President Obama Launches National STEM Video Game Challenge

    At an "Educate to Innovate" campaign event Thursday at the White House, President Barack Obama launched the National STEM Video Game Challenge, a nationwide competition that seeks to encourage student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through their affinity for playing and creating video games.

  • iPad, iPhone Wireless Printing in Beta

    Apple is bringing wireless printing to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The company announced Wednesday the release of the AirPrint beta to its iOS development community.

  • Open Source Java ESB Moves into the Cloud

    Web-based middleware maker MuleSoft yesterday unveiled a new version of its enterprise service bus (ESB), Mule ESB 3.0 Community.

  • BigMemory Ehcache Addon Dumps Java Garbage Collection

    Terracotta has released to beta a new Java addon for the Enterprise version of its Ehcache distributed Java caching software designed to free Java applications from the memory and performance constraints of Garbage Collection (GC).

  • Georgia District Takes Procurement Online

    Newton County School System (NCSS) of Covington, GA is moving its procurement to an online platform. The district had been seeking to lower costs on its bid-based acquisition of various supplies and other resources for use in operations and instruction.

  • Intel Revises Classmate PC

    Intel unveiled a new version of its Classmate PC design Tuesday. The updated clamshell-style netbook, which is targeted for K-12 education environments, gains the latest Intel Atom processor and adds other refinements.

  • Radiant Logic Showcases New Tools for Virtual Directory Work

    A company that sells a virtual identity server platform will shortly be releasing new Web-based programs that allow users to tap enterprise data through SharePoint and to link structured data stored in databases and other types of applications. Radiant Logic has launched ID-Connect and Context Browser to run on a new version of RadiantOne VDS Context Edition 5.3.