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  • What's on Your IT Agenda?

    Three K-12 technology leaders discuss key projects that are on their plates for 2011, which include beefing up student data systems, expanding online learning, and coming to some decisions about electronic textbooks.


IT News

  • Android Continues To Gain Momentum

    By the end of 2010, it's likely that Android will have surpassed the iPhone in market share in the United States, becoming the second-most popular smart phone platform, and on its way to becoming No. 1 some time next year.

  • Google Launches Chrome OS Pilot

    Google has launched a pilot test program for Chrome OS, which may offer an alternative to traditional operating systems such as Microsoft's Windows desktop OSes. Google is giving away notebooks running Chrome OS to those who sign up and qualify.

  • Overall Parent Communications Improve at Schools via Emergency Notification Systems

    K-12 schools are seeing unexpected benefits when they implement emergency notification systems. Ninety-five percent of staff that uses the application for attendance notification reported improved attendance rates at their schools.

  • Internet Explorer 9 To Get 'Tracking Protection'

    Microsoft has announced an upcoming privacy feature for its Internet Explorer 9 Web browser, one that will provideĀ "tracking protection" to give users potential control over online behavioral advertising, which monitors what users click on and view at Web sites.

  • Microsoft Posts SCVMM 2008 R2 SP1 Release Candidate

    Microsoft has posted the release candidate of Service Pack 1 for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 R2.

  • Amazon Launches DNS Hosting Service

    Amazon Web Services this week launched the beta of a programmable and purportedly scalable hosted Domain Name System service aimed at letting users of its cloud services create, modify and delete DNS zone files.