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Special Focus: FETC 2011

  • Powering Up Learning with Technology

    Technology is about how we bridge the gap between what students learn in school and what they do outside of school, according to Karen Cator, director of the Department of Education's Office of Education technology. She spoke Wednesday to a crowd gathered at the FETC 2011 conference in Florida, where she elaborated on some of the goals of the National Education Technology Plan (NETP).

  • Reconnecting Students in Alternative Education

    In an effort to reduce truancies and tardiness among alternative education students, Kingsville ISD in Texas has started using videoconferencing to reconnect those students to their original classrooms. The results from the initial pilot have included improved attendance and, for the district, $200,000 in annual savings.

  • Free For All Great Freeware for the Classroom

    Former middle school teacher Luke Allen offers his recommendations for the best free software for teachers, from social Web browsers to image and video editing and manipulation tools.


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