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IT News

  • Microsoft Opens Long-Term Licensing to Academic Institutions

    Microsoft is launching a new long-term subscription licensing program for academic institutions. Dubbed "Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions," the program offers "reduced entry requirements" and is based on an annual head count rather than the number of devices.

  • Gartner: Platform-as-a-Service Gaining Traction

    Application building is moving to the cloud and will come into its own as a major category this year, according to one IT industry consultancy.

  • E911 Not Pervasive in Education

    Enhanced 911 hasn't gained widespread adoption in schools yet, nor is it even well understood among IT people. Although 65 percent of education organizations reported they have a "comprehensive" emergency communication plan in place, only 40 percent currently use an E911 system.

  • Aruba Amplifies Mobile Network Strategy

    In a push to address the "bring your own iPad" movement, Aruba Networks has introduced a new networking architecture that the company said better reflects the changing nature of computing in the campus setting. Named Mobile Virtual Enterprise, or MOVE, this new model addresses the dramatic increase in the use of personal mobile devices and a shift to predominantly multimedia-rich applications.

  • Lenovo Launches K-8 Netbook

    Lenovo has introduced a new netbook that's targeted toward younger students, the Classmate+. The new model is built around Intel's Learning Series reference design and comes equipped with an educational software suite.